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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

How fit do I have to be for a trek ?
You need not have any exceptional fitness but you should be fit enough to walk 5-6 hours comfortably on reasonable trails.If you practice jogging , swimming or tread mill excercises about one or two months before your trek , that will help enough.

Is previous hiking experience required to go on a trek ?
As long as you are physically fit and have enough enthusiasm for the trip previous experience is not required.

Is old age a problem ?
No, it is the fitness which matters , not the old age.Rather we have a lot of pensioners in our groups each year.

Is it possible to trek with the kids ?
With kids over six years it is ok . For family trips with kids we have lots of soft and scenic hikings which you can enjoy with your family.

What happens if I get sick?
A slight case of diarrhea, as well as sprains and muscle aches – are not the things to be panicked. We always carry the appropriate mdical kit and our guides will take care for minor problems. If fall in more serious illness you will be rescued by helicopter and treated in Kathmandu hospital.
Altitude sickness is another serious concern but mostly avoidable if you follow a few simple rules: do not ascend more than 300 m at altitudes more than 3000m, do not aascend quickly and drink plenty of water. If you feel shortness of breath, a slight headache or dizziness, tell your guide and rest immediately. If you are still feeling unwell you may consider going down a few hundred meters. Do not pretend you are okay, and do not go down alone. A descent of a few hundred meters overnight may be enough to make you fully able to start trekking again tomorrow.

Who pays for the helicopter rescue or hospital treatment ?
If there arises such a case you have to pay for that. This is not included in the trip cost. Please make sure your travel insurance covers this.

Do you accept credit cards?
We accept Visa card and Master Card for payment. If you are paying in person in Nepal, we prefer cash or Travellers cheques as the bank charges for credit cards are quite high.

How many extra days should I allow in case of flight cancellation/weather problems in the mountains ?
If you are flying from a remote mountain airstrip like Lukla, Jomsom, Simikot, Taplejung and Dolpo, we should keep at least two spare days before your departure for home. plan accordingly.

Is it possible to get equipment on hire?
There are trekking shops in kathmandu , where you can easily rent or buy items like sleeping bags, down jackets, rucksacks and duffel bags.

Is communication to home possible while on trek?
There are telephones in many villages along the popular trekking routes from which you can make international calls.

Are the trekking porters and sherpas properly insured? Are the properly clothed for high altitude coldness ?
Our company insures all our trekking staff, including porters. Also they are provided proper clothing.

What about the drinking water while on trek?
You are recommended to carry your own water bottle and iodine tablets to purify water.

Is it not possible to do trekking during monsoon?
Summer is the best time to visit rain shadow zones. Trips like Upper mustang trek, Dolpo trek and all trips in Tibet.The weather is mild in these areas at this time of the year, greenery prevails and wildflowers bloom.

Will somebody come to pick me up at the Airport upon my arrival?
Yes, our representative will come to the airport to pick you up. Outside of Terminal Hall he will be displaying a play card bearing our company name and your name. He will greet and garland you and take you to the hotel.At hotel he will help you with checking in procedures.

Can I charge my digital camera on the trek?
Yes, in popular trails like Everest and Annapurna you can charge your camera batteries but do not forget to brings extra batteries. At remote treks you can not charge the batteries. Better bring solar charger for remote area treks.

How will my booking be processed ?
To confirm your booking we require a non –refundable deposit of 200 US$ for Nepal trip and 300 US$ for Tibet trip, which can be made through bank transfer.